Fit as Ferne [DVD] [2018]

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Want to get fitter, stronger, healthier and look fabulous?

Join me and my brilliant trainer Ellie as we put you through your paces. FIT as FERNE is a fun and easy to follow fitness programme packed mega workouts. Broken down into short sharp workouts, the programme gives you the flexibility to build your workout to suit you. Ellie and I have been working together since I’ve had Sunday and it’s THIS workout that has got me into the best shape that I’ve ever been in.

Each section is designed to get your heart pumping and your body sweating! We’ll work out your whole body focussing on toning, building your core strength and burning fat. There’s even a HIIT section which will get you fitter faster and help you burn calories even after you’ve finished your workout.

Don’t just get fit, get FIT AS FERNE. It’s much more fun that way.


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